We are METTAS CLUB - India's leading club, a venture of Mr. Amit Maheshwari (Founder of Mettas Club, CEO Mettas Overseas Limited and Managing Director of Gyan Institute of Technologies Private Limited) A well renowned Business Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Consultant.

We create Business opportunities globally and organize Training programs, Events, Workshops, Business seminars, Excellency awards, Cultural programs, Social programs, Educational programs for Businessmen and Women Entrepreneur. We specially support Women Entrepreneurship to enhance business opportunities for Housewives, Service class and Professionals.

Mettas Club members can be entrepreneurs, professionals and trusted advisors. Examples of member professions are business owners, advocates, accounting, audit and tax professionals, banking and financial professionals, manufacturer, Trader, importer, exporter, business and management professionals, doctors, executive coaches, marketing, advertising, PR and social media experts and real estate developer.

Through Monthly Networking Training and Meetings we will work with each other to build business, support each other and learn business skills. Members need to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting.

Q. Can anyone join a Batch?
A.All resident Indians can join above the age of 18 who are in business or profession for minimum of a year.

Q. What occupations benefit the most from networking?
A. It is not the occupation, it is the individual. The occupation can be anything. If you are focused and you have a dream and you are willing to make a sacrifice, you are the person we want in the group.

Q. Are members supposed to bring visitors ?
A. You are encouraged to bring visitors who can join and network.

Dr. Amit Maheshwari is the CEO and Founder DirectorMettas Overseas Ltd. Managing Director Gyan Institute Of technologies Pvt. Ltd.In Delhi.And Youngest President ever in history of Delhi Pradesh Maheshwari Yuva Sangathan. Read More...

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We are METTAS CLUB - India's leading club, a venture of Dr. Amit Maheshwari (Founder-Mettas Club, CEO-Mettas Overseas Limited and Managing Director-Gyan Institute of Technologies Private Limited)-A well renowned Business Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Consultant.

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